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Exploring Medicare Advantage Plans: Your Comprehensive Guide

Understanding Medicare can be complex, but choosing the right plan doesn't have to be. As an independent agent specializing in Medicare Advantage Plans, Covered With Care is committed to helping you navigate your options for comprehensive healthcare coverage.

What Are Medicare Advantage Plans?

Medicare Advantage Plans, also known as Medicare Part C, are an alternative to Original Medicare. These plans are offered by private insurance companies approved by Medicare and combine Medicare Part A (hospital insurance), Part B (medical insurance), and often Part D (prescription drug coverage) into one plan. Why Consider a Medicare Advantage Plan?

Comprehensive Coverage: Most plans include additional benefits like vision, hearing, dental, and wellness programs.

Cost Savings: Some plans have lower out-of-pocket costs than Original Medicare.

Prescription Drug Coverage: Many plans include Medicare Part D.

Provider Networks: Plans may have networks of doctors and facilities, focusing on coordinated care.

Annual Out-of-Pocket Limit: There's a maximum limit on what you pay out-of-pocket each year for covered services.

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How Can Covered With Care Help You?

Personalized Consultation

We understand your healthcare needs and preferences.

Insurance Plan 


Assisting you in comparing different Medicare Advantage Plans.

Simplified Enrollment

Making enrollment easy and understandable.

Ongoing Support

Offering ongoing assistance and updates on plan changes.

Choosing the Right Medicare Advantage Plan

Medicare Advantage Plans can vary in type, coverage, and cost. Common types include HMOs, PPOs, Private Fee-for-Service Plans, and Special Needs Plans. Your Main Street Insurance will guide you through the differences and help you find a plan that aligns with your health and budget requirements.

Medicare Advantage Plans offer the same coverage as Original Medicare but often include additional benefits, such as prescription drug coverage, dental, and vision care. They also have different cost structures and provider network rules.

If you have Medicare Parts A and B and live in the plan's service area, you're eligible to join a Medicare Advantage Plan.

Yes, you can switch back to Original Medicare from a Medicare Advantage Plan. This can be done during the Medicare Annual Election Period (AEP), which runs from October 15 to December 7 each year. During this period, you can change from a Medicare Advantage Plan to Original Medicare and enroll in a stand-alone Medicare Prescription Drug Plan (Part D) if needed. Additionally, the Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period, from January 1 to March 31 each year, allows individuals enrolled in a Medicare Advantage Plan to switch to another Medicare Advantage Plan or return to Original Medicare. It's important to consider any changes in coverage and costs before making a switch.

Ready to Explore Your Medicare Advantage Options?

Let Covered With Care guide you through the Medicare Advantage landscape. Contact us today for a personalized consultation and take the first step towards comprehensive and cost-effective health coverage.